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Basically I'm an 18 year old that hails from Long Island who loves Marina & The Diamonds and Sky Ferreira and is out to get drunk and laid FOLLOW ME :( Aquarius PRIDE





illegal immigrants? you mean white people

except that white people didn’t immigrate into the united states… they funded the united states. you can’t illegally immigrate into a society you created. 

did you actually just say white people created society in america


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to my girl <33

I have never seen this original post

his fucking fingers at the end tho

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yo how much dirt you gotta throw in the ocean to make a new country

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Meet the faces of the “I’m Sorry” campaign, a group of Christians who go to Chicago’s pride celebrations every year to apologize for their past hateful actions against LGBT people. The group started in 2010 and has since moved to other cities across the world. This is what love looks like. (via the Advocate

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“I am a bit of all of them. I suppose that’s why I picked those archetypes, because they resonate with me”

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"I’m having my hair be a rainbow… I’m going through all the colours of the rainbow… I’m a rainbow… I’ve let colour into my life, it’s very metaphorical.” 

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